Gift Guide: 4 Year Old Girl

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4 Year Old Girl Gift Guide // Noelle Hotaling

Want: Pretend Makeup Kit // Smartwatch // LOL Surprise Ball // Bicycle
Need: Water Bottle // Lunchbox // Crayons, Markers & Colored Pencil Set
Wear: Embroidered Sweatshirt // Fleece Jacket // Mary Jane Shoes
Read: Llama Llama Misses Mama // Merry Christmas Everypony // First Little Readers

Now that we’ve gotten all those big ticket items out of the way, let’s jump into the really fun, individual gifts! First up, those preschool / pre-k aged girls. Y’all know that Macie just turned 4 in August. I’m pulling many of these ideas directly off of her Christmas list, so y’all can really thank her for this gift guide ;).

For the last few years, Ryan and I have decided to seriously cut down on the amount of gifts from “Santa”. Our kids get so many presents from family, so adding even more to that pile was just silly. Beyond that, we want to ensure that our kids know that the holidays are not truly about gifts. We’re hoping that by keeping the presents from Santa to a minimum, it will help to instill that in some way.

We’ve been loving the idea of getting gifts in the categories of: want, need, wearing & read. It helps us keep things practical and also intentional. It’s been a lot of fun the last few years so we’re keeping it going!

What are y’alls pre-k aged girls asking for this year? I’m sure what I’ve got here isn’t exactly what your little girl has on her list, but hopefully this is helpful in some way!

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